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Danni and the Letter Hunt

db db db db db db db db db…

You’re probably thinking that a cat crawled across the keyboard, but that’s not the case. For nine-year old Danni it is not easy to differentiate these two letters, especially when they are written in lowercase.

Danni’s mother, Nadia, did not know about vision training, but when she learned what EYEBAB Vision Training can be used for, she quickly decided it was something her son should try.

Danni working with Harry's Blocks

The biggest advantage she could see immediately, was that EYEBAB is a digital and motivating tool that her son will be more likely to use, as it is reminiscent of the universe he already knows.

“I think it’s boring if I just have to walk on a balance beam when mom says it, or read in books. This is a lot more fun for me because I can get points, and then I can see when I have gotten better.”
– Danni

He can do his exercises on a tablet that they already have, which also means that they do not have to invest in additional equipment, but can do it at home in their own safe environment.
It all takes place in a system where she can log in and follow her son’s progress, as well as how often he does his exercises.

For the first consultation at Klinik for Syn og Udvikling, it became clear to all parties that Danni has a few challenges that he can work on improving. In addition to having difficulty when it comes to reading, he also has problems with balance, concentration, and decoding. Moreover, he also suffers from motion sickness, is unable to drive in carousels, and becomes dizzy when he turns around himself.

Together with the Functional Optometrist, a training plan is made for Danni. Consultations are arranged both in the clinic and online.
After each consultation, progress is reviewed and new exercises are assigned, including EYEBAB apps. The level of difficulty is regulated so that Danni can develop gradually and at an appropriate pace.

After just 1 month, Danni has experienced a visible improvement. His results from the EYEBAB exercises speak their own language and he performs better in school, is more concentrated and his balance is clearly improved.

Follow Danni’s course and see how it goes. The goal is set for him to be able to find his way through the letter maze in 1 minute or less when he finishes his course. The first time he tried, it took him 5 minutes and 40 seconds.

The Jump Read app did the trick

The app Jump Read helps you work on overview, decoding, eye/hand coordination, and sequential movements. An alphabet is illustrated at the very top, so that you can follow how far you have come. The task is to find all the letters in the alphabet in the correct order and as fast as you can.

It's a match

In this video you can see Danni working with his field of view, overview and concentration.

The EYEBAB app is called Match It, and the goal is to find the identical object as the one displayed in the center. There’s just one minor detail: Danni must keep his focus on the image in the center and use his peripheral vision to locate the same image in the outer perimeters.

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