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EYEBAB Vision Training is a digital training system, developed for functional optometrists and their clients. The system is easily accessible, so you can start training clients at home with a few clicks and at the same time follow their development from the sideline.

Developed by internationally acknowledged specialists

Every day we become more and more digital, and every day functional optometrists meet clients that are digital in their everyday life. From that understanding, we have developed a digital vision training tool for functional optometrists, so they in turn will have the opportunity to offer their clients vision training in a form that matches their everyday life.

With the analogue reality in mind, we have created digital measurable opportunities to streamline visual training. We’ve done so on the basis that motivation is key in determining what results you achieve by training.

Our vision training apps are developed in close cooperation with functional optometrists and other professionals, who in their daily work can see the benefits of digital solutions in an analogue everyday. From there come ideas for new apps, often from functional optometrists who are already using our vision training apps.

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Your online office

One of the amazing features in EYEBAB Vision Training is that it gives you unlimited online options. Including diagnosis of your patients.
That way, you can create your own physical setup where you can have your online base ready for your online consultations with your patients.

Thereby you are at the forefront of all the practicalities, and you can simply start a video call with your patient via your favorite online conversation tool.

Using screen sharing, you can open and share your screen so you can give your patients the necessary instructions for using the EYEBAB exercises.

Functional Optometrist Thomas Kirkfeldt at work

Functional Optometrist Thomas Kirkfeldt I have many patients who are digitized and I can feel that they are much more motivated when I offer them a digital training tool. THOMAS KIRKFELDT Functional Optometrist Functional Optometrist Steen Aalberg It is crucial that patients get into a training course as early as possible, where they experience positive results from their efforts. STEEN AALBERG Functional Optometrist

Easy and intuitive to work with wherever you are

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Our vision training apps are built so they’re easy and intuitive to understand and work with. Not only for the functional optometrist, but for the client too. Training at home with our vision training apps must be fun and motivational, and the client should feel that they’re achieving positive results by using them – that’s why they must be easy to work with.

The interface is designed in a flat style, with functionality as the top priority. Choices and settings are icon-based, and they’re often designed together with functional optometrists, so they make sense from a technical point of view. There are many opportunities to adjust the app difficulty, so it can be used over a longer period of time while the client is improving. There are many opportunities to adjust the various themes of an app, so it fits into the clients situation and needs.

Optimize your workflow with a digital toolbox

EYEBAB Vision Training toolbox with tools on laptop

Every day our lives become increasingly more digital, and every day functional optometrists meet clients whose lives are led on digital platforms.

With that in mind, we have developed a digital vision training tool for functional optometrists, to help them offer their clients the kind of training that matches their daily lives.

Based on the traditional tools and working methods, we have created a digital toolbox as a strong complement to you and your everyday life. It gives you measurable opportunities to streamline vision training, based on the fact that motivation is decisive for which results you achieve.

It's easy to get started using EYEBAB Vision Training

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Register your clinic with EYEBAB today, and get access to the complete selection of vision training apps.

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Create client accounts

Create client accounts and collect all their information in one spot.

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Assign apps

Assign the apps that your clients need for their training.

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Read data

Read data and follow your clients’ training and development.

EYEBAB Softboard

EYEBAB Softboard for vision training

EYEBAB Vision Training apps are based on the optometric expertise, and with an EYEBAB Softboard you can in an interactive way, guide and test your clients with motivating apps aimed at improving their visual skills.

Get a presentation of the softboard

A giant tablet on the wall, with a patented soft work surface that ensures that you do not have to hold back while working on improving your vision skills. Work on improving your binocular vision, coordination, balance, overview, endurance, reaction time, concentration, diagnose, cognitive skills and much more. Vision Training requires a professional facilitator, such as a Functional Optometrist.

How does that sound?
With the EYEBAB Softboard you can, in a very interactive way guide and conduct vision tests of your patients, and offer motivating apps, that aim at improving their vision skills – but in an impressively huge format.

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Eyebab VT glasses

Some of the EYEBAB apps require the use of color glasses. To ensure the perfect fit, and make it possible to adjust the glasses, EYEBAB has developed a pair of their own.

The glasses are available in different sizes, a standard size and extra large, with a bigger glass, which makes it more suitable for activities that regard the peripheral vision.

Furthermore, the glasses can be cut in size, and there are cutting marks which make it easy, and ensure that your cuts are even.

Moreover the glasses have two colors, white on one side and black on the other. This is very practical when it comes to giving your patients instructions on which color (red or green) should cover which eye.

Now you can simply instruct your patient, by explaining which color of the glasses (black or white), should be facing to the inside of the face.

Color glasses

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