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Profil Optik is Denmark’s leading optician chain, and covers nationwide with 112 stores.

The chain was founded in 1972 under the name “Optik-Køb, and it wasn’t until 1988 that the name Profil Optik saw the light of day. The optician chain is part of Swedish Synsam Nordic, one of Europe’s leading players in the optics industry, with a focus on both Eye Health and Eye Fashion. The hallmark of Profil Optik is a high level of service, a high level of professionalism and an innovative approach to the profession.

We are extremely proud of this collaboration, which means that we can offer our PFA, EYEBAB Care users, an extra service, advantageous discounts on additional products, as well as professional advice in one of Profil Optik’s stores.

You can read more about Profil Optik on their website.

PFA Pension logo

PFA is much more than a pension company.

Part of PFA’s DNA is to contribute to a positive societal development, so in addition to pensions and insurance, they also offer a wide range of solutions in areas such as health.
In addition, they work with an ambition to create a sustainable present that can pave the way for a good life in the future.
PFA is owned by their customers, and was founded in 1917 to ensure the Danes the freedom to live the life they wish to live.

We are proud of our collaboration with PFA, where health, well-being and prevention are put on the agenda. This means that you, as a PFA customer, can get access to special health services, including EYEBAB Care.

Read more about PFA on their website.

Vivid Vision logo

Vivid Vision collaborates with, and distributes its products to opticians and vision training clinics worldwide. They are specialists in developing digital tools that, among other things, help people with vision and concentration difficulties to train their vision via e.g. virtual reality and 3D technology.

The agreement between EYEBAB and Vivid Vision means that EYEBAB’s recognized vision training platform is available in the US and Canadian distribution and will be made available to Vivid Vision’s large professional network worldwide.

To read more about Vivid Vision, visit their website.

Visus logo

VISUS is a German supplier of products for vision testing and vision training. More specifically, VISUS is the German market leader for vision training tools, and known for introducing modern types of vision training products which use the newest technology.

The agreement between VISUS and EYEBAB means that EYEBAB’s recognized vision training platform, and digital solutions, can now be obtained through VISUS in the following countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

All EYEBAB customers from the above mentioned countries can get customer support and sales support in their native language by contacting VISUS.

To read more about VISUS, visit their website.

ey'ey logo

We have entered into a fantastic collaboration with Danish ey’ey from Aarhus (the city of smiles), who like EYEBAB focus on vision and health – therefore our smile is extra big today.
Now all EYEBAB customers can purchase Blue Light glasses with a 20% discount by using the discount code “eyebab20” on www.eyey.dk
Blue Light glasses can, among other things, help reduce the frequency of headaches, provide a better night’s sleep, and increase your concentration.

You can read much more about ey’ey right here:

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