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When rehabilitation meets motivation

EYEBAB Rehab is intended for three main elements: diagnosis, rehabilitation and compensatory training.

Our digital vision training platform is developed by internationally recognized specialists in optometry. It is built on the basis of a large number of traditional optometric exercises, which ensures a high level of professionalism.

We have developed some specific apps that can be used in connection with rehabilitation, as well as compensatory training in hospitals, clinics, health and rehabilitation centres.

Stimulating input

We observe, process and react, many times during a single day.

If we observe the same thing every day, without new stimulating inputs, then we feed our body and mind with too little nourishment.

After a brain injury, for example, the brain’s functions will be restructured, and larger or smaller parts of the brain tissue can be destroyed.

The brain can in fact delegate a task from the damaged part of the brain, to another part of the brain, which can take over.

Early intervention and rehabilitation have been shown to have a positive effect on the restructuring that is taking place.

It can be said that rehabilitation, as an early intensive effort, is extremely rewarding in relation to the development of the motor, sensory and cognitive skills.

Doctor checking the medical chart of his patient in a wheelchair

Personal development and improved quality of life

The EYEBAB Softboard is our version of a giant tablet, with a soft touch surface, which allows you to work on it for a longer period of time.

It is possible to adjust the screen in such a way that wheelchair users can also access the softboard.

The purpose is to contribute to an improved quality of life for people and optimize the opportunities for personal development through training of vision performance.

The vision performance covers a connection between your vision, your cognitive performance and your motor skills. In short, your vision performance, the connection between your eyes, brain and body, is a system that works together.

Team of physiotherapist helping senior patients walk between parallel bart

Softboards for hospitals and rehabilitation centres

Man with prosthetic leg sitting on bench

With EYEBAB Rehab, we embrace the entire system, by offering motivating, accessible and interactive apps that increase concentration and thus have a positive impact on learning.
We have had great success with the implementation of our patented softboard, which is in use at several hospitals and rehabilitation centres. In addition, we have provided softboards for patients who, after training, have chosen to invest in their very own softboard for rehabilitation at home.

The EYEBAB Softboard is an eye catching element in the clinical landscape, and hence draws attention with minimal effort. The huge format in a rehab setup, has a powerful impact on the motivation of the patient’s, as it is an interesting and engaging supplement to the traditional rehabilitation exercises.

“The fact that one is able to actually feel a progress, and that you can see your score has become better, those two things combined are very motivating.”
– Patient quote

To read more about the softboard in a rehabilitation setup, please read our OPI TARS report, which explains the tests that were conducted of the softboard as a rehabilitation tool, a project funded by the European Union.

“I become more involved in the rehabilitation exercises, as I am no longer just an observer. The patient and I are now on the same team, and now we get a common result.”
– Quote from the report by a physiotherapist.

Rehabilitation for all

The EYEBAB Softboard is a showstopper in many ways, which in a rehabilitation scenario is extremely crucial. Many people who have experienced injuries, or who are facing problems are initially in a very difficult situation. There is often a lack of motivation to keep going, especially if the progress is hard to see.

Our system offers measurable results that are motivating for many people, as they can make a direct link between the way they feel, and the tangible results they achieve. The only person they are in competition with, is themselves, and therefore the engagement factor is likely to become higher.

A person sitting in a wheelchair, who may feel and experience a lot of obstacles, can also access the softboard, without any limitations or barriers.

Training on softboard
EYEBAB Softboard

EYEBAB Softboard for rehabilitation

In a rehabilitation context, the softboard has the completely unique characteristic, which is that the screen can be halved in a way that ensures that wheelchair users can also use it. With rehabilitation and compensatory training, it can be an advantage to have a softboard, as this way you get as much as possible of the body in motion, to the extent possible.

All apps are developed based on the many disciplines that carry out rehabilitation after injuries on a daily basis, which ensures that you get a qualitative and optimal benefit from using them.

Get a presentation of the softboard

A giant tablet on the wall, with a patented soft work surface that ensures that you do not have to hold back while working on your self development.

How does that sound?
The softboard ensures that you get your body moving in a completely new way. Each app has adjustable settings, which means that you can hit the optimal training level with more precision, and never run out of new tasks to offer your patients.

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