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A professional, digital vision training system, developed for eye care professionals. Motivating apps that your patients can do at home. Adjustable settings, measurable progress and available online from all newer devices.

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An online Visual Fitness, for the workplace. A preventive approach to help deal with vision related symptoms, that may be a consequence of too much monotone screen time or stress related, such as headache.

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Covers three main elements: diagnosis, rehabilitation and compensatory training. We have developed apps that can be used for rehabilitation purposes on the EYEBAB Softboard, in hospitals, clinics, health and rehabilitation centers.

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Is for everyone who wishes to focus on self development. You decide if you wish to work on your eye-hand coordination, peripheral vision, visual tracking, reaction time, speed, precision, learning, motor skills, balance, or something else entirely.

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Welcome to EYEBAB

EYEBAB develops digital solutions that support the powerful relationship that exists between the visual input and the way in which this is processed, and carried out.

We have the professionalism in place, and our digital solutions have been developed on the basis of the solid foundation that exists within the world of functional optometry.

Creativity and innovation are some of our core competencies, which are deeply rooted in the Billund genes, that stem from the creative, world-famous industry of construction toys. We are proud to have them as our neighbours.

At EYEBAB we know that our sight is far more complex, than just being able to see. The visual input is the first and primary thing, which starts a lot of underlying processes; we sense, process and act.
That is the reason why we wish to create innovative digital solutions that stimulate and support this process, with motivation as the main ingredient.

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Kim Pagel
Creative Director/Partner

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Future-proof platform

The EYEBAB platform, which is the system behind the usage of the services and apps, is a future-proof digital platform. It is online based, so you can train and work with it on every device – desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. The platform is compatible with Windows, iOS, Android and Linux.

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EYEBAB Softboard

EYEBAB Softboard

The softboard is reminiscent of a giant tablet that you can hang on the wall.
On the EYEBAB Softboard you work with interactive images rather than static buttons.  Our uniquely patented touch screen has a particularly soft surface, which ensures a pleasant interaction. The image is projected so that there is a coincidence between visual and tactile input.

You can access your favorite apps with a sense of security, knowing that you are doing something good for yourself, because it is created on the basis of the extensive knowledge from the world of optometry.

There are no limits when it comes to optimizing your vision performance by using our softboard. Our interactive platform allows you access to qualitative and scientifically based apps, whilst offering data, so you can track your progress.

With the EYEBAB Softboard everything comes into play, vision, body and brain in a motivating, professionally based and interactive digital universe.


The softboard has a built-in computer that handles multi touch inputs, power sleep and a number of functions that make the board user-friendly and intuitive.
The board’s cabinet consists primarily of metal and is very robust, making it extremely durable. The board communicates with the EYEBAB portal and can be remotely controlled from tablets, smartphones etc.

82″ Interactive Soft Screen

1920 x 1080 Native Pixels

Intel Processor Inside

Multi Touch Inputs

Stereo Sound

On/Off Timer

Power Sleep Mode

Secure Data

Cloud Backup

Hot Spot for Addons

Web Based Platform


Interested in the EYEBAB Softboard?

Contact us for more information:
Phone: +45 77 34 77 36

Case stories

The greatest joy for us, is when we can see that we have had a positive impact on people’s quality of life. It is the driving force behind everything we do, and what motivates us to create motivating digital solutions, which people enjoy using.

Follow along, and allow yourself to be inspired by these amazing people.

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Try Pathfinder

Pathfinder is a decoding exercise with directional and rhythm training, as well as a motor control response component.

In this app you have to follow the direction of the arrows. Start at the green dot by clicking on the arrow, and continue until you have selected all arrows, and reached the red dot.

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A world of opportunities with EYEBAB

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User-friendly apps that show improvement and motivate for increased training.

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Online platform

Web-based future-proof platform that can be accessed from all newer devices.

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Read data and follow the development of the training.

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You will find a list of resellers with access to the EYEBAB Vision Training platform under “Clinics”.
If you have a company, or organization that is interested in EYEBAB, please contact us at or +45 77 34 77 36.

EYEBAB is an online platform that can be used on all newer devices; desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. The platform is compatible with Windows, iOS, Android and Linux.

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Our partners

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Vivid Vision collaborates with, and distributes its products to opticians and vision training clinics worldwide. They are specialists in developing digital tools that, among other things, help people with vision and concentration difficulties to train their vision via e.g. virtual reality and 3D technology.

The agreement between EYEBAB and Vivid Vision means that EYEBAB’s recognized vision training platform is available in the US and Canadian distribution and will be made available to Vivid Vision’s large professional network worldwide.

To read more about Vivid Vision, visit their website.