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Optometry conference 2021

This year’s big Optometry Conference ’21 took place on the 6th and 7th of November at Scandic Falkoner, Frederiksberg, Denmark. With 550 participants, it is the largest of its kind.

The most current topics of the time, in the world of optometry, were emphasized and besides the many exhibitors, there were also lectures and workshops.

We were there as exhibitors, with a presentation of our latest product, EYEBAB Care.

It was two amazing days with 21 unique lectures, 28 exhibitors, 7 workshops and several rapid sessions.


  • Digital health screening: questions regarding work, and former injuries.
  • Questionnaire with self assessed health status.
  • EYEBAB Care testing of visual and cognitive skills.
  • Personal report, based on adaptive algorithms.
  • Insight into visual and cognitive skills.
  • AI-powered cognitive vision training.

AI-powered welfare technology

EYEBAB Care is a preventative online training, developed for companies and individuals, who want to make a preventive effort and ensure that they are fit, both visually and mentally, even on a busy workday.

The program aims to assist you in your digital daily life with a preventive training and test of your visual and cognitive skills.

We can not avoid digital screens, but it matters how the screen time is used.

EYEBAB Care focuses on preventive training/exercises, screening and optimization of skills. Our intelligent AI can identify skill levels and tailor a training course based on individual needs.

The many visitors at our exhibit booth, were delighted to try out our apps. Here you can see our app Racetrack in action, an app that is part of the EYEBAB Care training.

Racetrack focuses on the practicing of sequential movements, sense of direction, coordination, concentration, reaction, precision, and field of vision.

The goal is to complete one or more rounds as quickly as possible without hitting the outer borders. This among others helps train continuous and precise hand-eye coordination.

Studies show that training your visual and cognitive setup can help reduce the risk of stress, reduce the number of sick days, and make you more resilient towards everyday tasks.

Our latest app Follow it was a huge success.

The many visitors got a chance to try it out before its official launch, and with our red/green EYEBAB glasses for added complexity.

The app can, among other things, be used to train multitracking skills, perception span and concentration.

Red/green glasses are used in vision therapy and can help with improving the binocular vision – in other words, the ability of the eyes to cooperate.

Optometry conference visitors at EYEBAB

You can try out the EYEBAB Care training here

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