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EYEBAB Softboard showroom

Now you can try our EYEBAB Softboard.

It is located at Aarhus Municipality’s permanent exhibition and inspiration room for welfare technology and innovation at DokkX. DokkX is located in the culture house DOKK1 in Aarhus, which also contains the city’s main library. The theme of the exhibition is “Technology after a pandemic”.

The exhibition is open to the public with free admission 4 weekdays a week and one Saturday a month. DokkX is for all interested citizens, professionals, students (especially in the field of health) and companies from both home and abroad.

Digital motivation

  • 82″ interactive soft screen
  • Multi touch inputs
  • Stereo sound
  • 1920 x 1080 native pixels
  • Web based platform

Interactive welfare technology

The EYEBAB Softboard is an interactive, soft surface (foamlike) board and with its inviting design it is optimal for duels and training.

It is already used by clinics, schools, hospitals and centers for rehabilitation, sports and vision training.

Training on the Softboard includes all aspects; the visual, the cognitive and the motor skills.

We hope you will give it a try.

An app that can help with optimizing the reaction time will seem enormously engaging and motivating for an athlete, as due to the size of the softboard and action-packed gameplay, one can not avoid being drawn into the action.


Each training app is adaptable on many levels. The difficulty level can be optimized in relation to the user’s starting point. Thus, motivation is maintained, and the training perceived as a success.
The Softboard can be adjusted to a variety of active fields, enabling you to work specifically with your desired focus area.

“In a rehabilitation process, many people often forget that it’s not about pushing the person for the sake of pressure. On the contrary, it’s important to meet the person right where they are and give them a motivating push so they feel like working with themselves at an appropriate pace – EYEBAB has been good at understanding this premise.”

-User, rehabilitation

Opening hours

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 10am – 3 pm
Wednesday: 10am – 3pm
Thursday: 1pm – 6pm
Friday: 10am – 3pm
First Saturday of the month: 10am – 1pm
Closed on all public holidays

DokkX at Dokk1, level 2.2
Hack Kampmanns Plads 2
8000 Aarhus C
Phone: + 45 51 57 68 62

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