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Walk the talk

In our field of expertise interdisciplinary cooperation has shown positive results for many years.
Each individual contributes to the team with their own personal knowledge and specific acquired skills within their profession. This generates a powerful synergy and offers a much more effective approach than when working separately.

Human beings are complex individuals that consist of many interrelated structures that work together in a combined system. In the very same way, different professional skill sets can come in handy and support each other in the rehabilitation process of a patient.

Interdisciplinary work

EYEBAB cooperates with neuro-physiotherapist Mette Lund. Besides working at the neurological department at a hospital, she also has her practice LundNeuroFys in Billund. Her specialty lies in improving the quality of life for people with balance and dizziness problems.

The patient who visits a functional optometrist may experience issues with both their vision and balance. This makes interdisciplinary cooperation with a neuro-physiotherapist such as Mette more relevant than ever. It enables the possibility of helping the patient more thoroughly in an all-round approach.

“When people from different professions work together, we achieve a wider perspective of the patient’s issue. Different approaches due to our separate backgrounds results in a more thorough treatment of the patient.”
– Mette Lund

A neurophysioterapist at work

Mette treats patients with peripheral vestibular disorders such as vestibular neuritis, Ménières disease, vestibular migraine, BPPV (benign Paroxysmal Positional vertigo), acoustic neuroma along others. She also treats patients with dizziness problems after minor concussions, people who experience age-related dizziness and patients who suffer from central vestibular disorders after e.g., a stroke.

Her skills and expertise contribute greatly to the daily work of a functional optometrist, as there are many patients, who experience both vision, dizziness and balance related problems.

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