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What is your mindfit?

22-year old Magnus and 23-year old Victoria, two Taekwondo practitioners, came to visit us at EYEBAB headquarter.
Victoria has been practising Taekwondo for more than 10 years, and Magnus for over three years.

They trained on the EYEBAB Softboard for an hour, where they trained their body and mind.

Interestingly, the five main characteristics of Taekwondo are:

  • Courtesy
  • Integrity
  • Perseverance
  • Self control
  • Indomitable spirit

The unification of mind, body, and spirit

The martial art Taekwondo, emphasizes the correlation between the psychological and physical element, and associates a great number of perceived psychological motivations (mental strength) with physical abilities. Meaning that the body and mind are interrelated and co-dependent, which perfectly perfectly echoes EYEBAB’s emphasis on the complex relationship that exists between our eyes, body and brain.

Victoria and Magnus experienced that the EYEBAB Softboard enabled them to work on their decoding, precision, speed, reaction, reflexes, sequencing, endurance and perception span, which are all key elements when it comes to Taekwondo.

“The EYEBAB apps can for example be used to train the order of sequences, reaction time, concentration and memory. In Taekwondo we practice to remember specific sequences when doing kicks and hits. The EYEBAB apps allow you to create your own decoding strategies, that make you better at remembering a certain sequence, and I find that very useful”.
– Victoria

The movements they practice on the EYEBAB Softboard resemble the movements they know well from their usual Taekwondo training – hits, kicks, speed, precision, blockages. All applied to a different kind of kick pad, that functions as a highly motivating, score-based supplement.

“I really feel like I can see a connection between the disciplines of Taekwondo and EYEBAB Mindfit. Taekwondo is all about inner strength, endurance, determination, attitude and mindset. The EYEBAB Softboard offers highly motivating training exercises that give a boost to both self-determination and self-development”.
– Magnus

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