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Many of us walk around with smartwatches, measuring our heart rate, our stride, our blood pressure, etc. It is undoubtedly important to be physically active and keep one’s body in motion, it’s equally important to boost your inner power and mental ability.

Body and mind are undeniably well connected, in fact so much so that the two systems are interconnected. All vision sensory input is registered by the brain, which uses most of its work capacity to process everything you see and experience.

Your impressions are stored in the brain’s hard drive, but require maintenance and care.

Like our body, our brain also needs both training and breaks. We live in a busy world where the pace is always high and where we daily sense, observe, process and decode hundreds of complex processes, and take action, without even thinking about it.

This work requires an enormous amount of mental resources.

EYEBAB Mindfit embraces your entire system: eyes, body and brain. In other words: vision, motor, and cognitive skills.

Don’t lose track of your mind

Training, optimization, maintenance and prevention of your vision, your body and your brain can, in the same way as with a Smartwatch, which measures your steps, be measured and followed through the EYEBAB Mindfit platform.

With EYEBAB Mindfit, you can follow your development via measurable results, and see your progress over time.

Based on our algorithms, you get your very own Mindfit score. Your Mindfit score is a score indication, and is not definitive.
There is no right or wrong result, as your development and your goal are entirely your own.
The purpose of EYEBAB Mindfit is to contribute to an improved quality of life, where you train with the cognitive, motor and vision-related, so you can become the best version of yourself.

This includes Sports Vision, which aims at enhancing the vision skills of athletes and thereby optimizing their performance levels.

Enhance your reaction and coordination skills

An athlete can have a seemingly flawless eyesight, but that does not necessarily mean that they are performing to their full potential. In sports, eye-hand coordination, peripheral vision, visual tracking, reaction time, speed, and overall precision are crucial. All of these aspects are what distinguish a high performing athlete from all others.

Get moving

EYEBAB Mindfit, has been specifically tailored to help optimize all of the above mentioned aspects of vision and motor skills.
With our professional digital tools, you will be able to get tangible results in real time that can help you keep track of your progress.
Our apps all have motivation as the key element, which ensures higher levels of concentration and in turn qualitative adaptations of the newly acquired knowledge/skill set.

Mindfit is a mindset

EYEBAB Mindfit is a digital platform, available on a giant tablet, the EYEBAB Softboard and based on the expertise from the world of optometry.

Our apps have been developed in close collaboration with functional optometrists and other professionals who, in their professional work, can see the digital benefits as a boost to human capability. Motivation is the driving force in all our apps, whereby there is an increased possibility of a sustained commitment.

Your type of Mindfit, your choice:

EYEBAB Mindfit is a digital platform, in a huge format. The EYEBAB Softboard is involving the whole body with a focus on boosting human ability when it comes to sensing, processing and action.

You choose what you want to focus on:

  • Prevention
  • Exercising
  • Optimization
  • Acceleration
  • Maintenance
  • Playing
  • Learning

Every second counts

Every second is crucial when it comes to sports, but also everyday situations. So whether you want to become the fastest reacting goalkeeper whose response time is super-sonic, the most precise pitcher that hits the bullseye each time, or a driver with a fast reaction time, you can.

You may for example have experienced sitting behind the wheel of a car and ending up at the final destination, without being able to fully remember how you arrived.

The reason?
Our everyday lives are filled with structures that help us navigate the world. Some of our routines and reflexes are learned, such as our reaction patterns.

We have so-called morning routines, or aids that make everyday life more smooth, such as navigation to guide us in traffic. Under optimal conditions, we humans perform most efficiently, and we perform many unconscious actions every day.

Here are some examples:

  • A boxer will respond to an incoming blow with a learned and trained reflex.
  • A football player will receive a ball with the most optimal technique.
  • A handball goalkeeper will quickly assess the direction of an incoming ball.
  • A driver will navigate swiftly in traffic, to avoid a crash.
  • A waiter will apply a specially acquired technique to best carry the tray with many plates.

Breakthrough cooperation

EYEBAB has started an amazing cooperation with Rasmus Vestergaard Johansen. An 18-year-old Danish Skeleton rider, and top athlete, who has a long-term goal of qualifying for the Winter Olympics in 2026, but will already try by 2022.

An elite athlete like Rasmus is interested in improving his results by milliseconds, because as a top athlete, every second counts, literally.

Together with Functional Optometrist, Thomas Kirkfeldt, they will work on performance optimization.

EYEBAB Softboard for EYEBAB Mindfit

The EYEBAB Softboard is interactive and with its inviting design it is optimal for duels and training.

When you train with optimization of your vision performance on the softboard, you include all aspects; the visual, the cognitive and the motor skills.
An app that can help with optimizing the reaction time will seem enormously engaging and motivating for an athlete, as due to the size of the softboard and action-packed gameplay, one can not avoid being drawn into the action.

Get a presentation of the softboard

On the EYEBAB Softboard you work with interactive images rather than static buttons.
You can access your favorite apps with a sense of security, knowing that you are doing something good for yourself. The softboard is reminiscent of a giant tablet that you can hang on the wall.
In this way, everything comes into play, vision, body and brain in a motivating, professionally based and interactive digital universe.

Contact us for more information:
T: +45 77 34 77 36
E: mail@eyebab.com

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