Who we are - EYEBAB

Our Story

EYEBAB was established in 2014 and has since the beginning worked on developing and digitizing the company’s portfolio of apps, and digital solutions, which i.a. used for training of binocular vision, reaction time, concentration, endurance and memory.

The EYEBAB name was established in 2017, the name being an abbreviation for “Evolutionize Your Eyes, Body, And Brain”. The name points to the fact that our vision is a complex interrelation between the eyes, body and brain which together form a system that works together.

In 2020 we adapted a new tagline for EYEBAB – “We Mind Because You Matter”.
It derives from the saying “Mind over matter”, which is used to describe how powerful the mind really is. The mind has the ability to achieve more, and sometimes even compensate for what the physical form sets as its limit.
Real improvement is hard to achieve, if the mind doesn’t follow, and just as the saying goes “you become what you eat”, it can be said that “you become what you think”. Often the biggest obstacles only exist in our head, and the heaviest burdens that we carry are the thoughts in our head.

The symbolic meaning behind our new tagline points to the fact that we exist because we truly care about our users, their challenges, and needs, and because these mean a lot to us, We Mind.

Our Expertise

Many people experience visual performance issues, without being able to identify what the exact cause for their problem is. Some wish to optimize their performance by milliseconds, and others want to take a preventive approach when it comes to their eye, body and brain setup.

Based on the comprehensive input of knowledge that we have gathered over the years from our associate experts in the field of optometry, we have created digital solutions that can be used for many different purposes and by many different people. Along with the fact that, our vision is much more complex than just being able to see clearly.

  • Vision Training, which requires a professional facilitator such as a Functional Optometrist, who among other things are specialized in dealing with binocular vision. Binocular vision refers to the way in which our eyes work together to inform the brain about what visual input it should create.
  • Care, The EYEBAB Care training program works to break the monotonous movement patterns and optimize the visual skills. It is a visual fitness program for the workplace.
  • Rehabilitation, and compensatory training, for hospitals, clinics, health and rehabilitation centres. The EYEBAB Softboard is an integral part of the rehabilitation segment, as it seeks to engage the patient’s as much as possible to boost their motivation.
  • Mindfit is for everyone who wishes to focus on self development in many different shapes and forms. It doesn’t require a facilitator, and its motivating format is made to encourage the user to become the best version of themselves.

Our Passion

The core of everything we do is based on the science of optometry. The reason being the focus on the link between our visual input, our cognitive interpretation and bodily reaction.

Everyday we see, sense and process hundreds and thousands of pieces of information, and the digital era has only accelerated the amount of visual input.

We are passionate about creating digital solutions that are motivating, innovative and adjustable to fit our user’s needs.

Therefore we have created a digitized universe that offers the possibility of qualitative learning through motivating tasks which are engaging, and measurable.

As such, EYEBAB’s digital online platform builds on input from internationally acknowledged specialists in the field of optometry. The foundation being a wide range of traditional optometric exercises, that have been given a digital touch.

We seek to deliver the best and most comprehensive digital tools that focus on the eyes, body and brain, and which yield visible results that can be measured.

Our Motivation

The world is becoming increasingly more digital, which is reflected through people’s lifestyle and choices. We match this on-the-go reality, by offering you an online platform that is not limited to a specific location.

We wish to enable you to choose a segment that best reflects your needs in an everyday life situation.

For the Functional Optometrist we wish to offer a digital toolbox that supplements the existing workflow, for the patient’s; a vision training that is approachable, interactive, motivating, and hence more likely to be used frequently.

For rehabilitation purposes, we wish to be the go-to tool that motivates the injured to push forward.

For the workplace, we wish to be the healthy escape in a busy everyday, where you can focus on exercising your monotone eye movements that may be causing you a headache.

And for the fast ones who want to be even faster, we wish to be the first choice when they choose to focus on their self development.

Learning through play is our philosophy when it comes to making exercises inspiring, motivating and rewarding. Teacher research has taught us that motivation increases our concentration, and when we are concentrated, that’s when we learn the most.

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