To find your local reseller and/or EYEBAB Vision Training distributor, go to the “Contact” section, select your country, and you will see the contact information for your distributor/reseller.

You can see an overview of current EYEBAB providers under the main menu “Providers”

EYEBAB is an online platform that can be used on all newer devices; desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. The platform is compatible with Windows, iOS, Android and Linux.

You can see your local EYEBAB Vision Training reseller/distributor under the “Contact” section.

Unfortunately, sometimes emails get caught by your e-mail spam filter, and therefore they will not always appear in your inbox. We suggest that you check your spam filter to see if your welcome email has ended up there.
For EYEBAB Vision Training users, please contact your EYEBAB Vision Training provider if you haven’t received your login information, they will be able to send you a new email.
For missing login information to EYEBAB Care, EYEBAB Rehab and EYEBAB Mindfit, please contact us on mail@eyebab.com.

No. The EYEBAB platform is an online platform with automatic updates. You will only need to have an internet connection in order to access the EYEBAB software.

Yes, if you have a clinic or organisation/company that is eligible to get access to the EYEBAB platform, visit our “Get started” page, fill out your information and we will contact you shortly.

To find your local EYEBAB VT reseller/distributor, please visit the “Contact” page to find your designated distributor according to your location.

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