What we do - EYEBAB

4 major segments, with many commonalities

The main thing that binds all of the EYEBAB segments together, is the professionalism from the optometric world that lays the foundation for all our digital solutions.

Moreover, EYEBAB is an online, future-proof platform that is accessible from all newer devices, and an integral part of our EYEBAB Softboard.

It is easy and intuitive to work with, and it resembles the familiar interface of the smartphone, with app icons. The system is flexible and can be tailored to best fit your needs within your preferred segment.

EYEBAB Vision Training
Is a professional digital training system, with motivating and measurable apps that your patients can train with at home or at the office.

Is a preventive online, visual fitness for the workplace that can help your employees keep their head strong in the digital age.

EYEBAB Rehab is intended for three main elements: diagnosis, rehabilitation and compensatory training.

EYEBAB Mindfit
Mindfit is for everyone who wants optimization and self-development. You choose what you want to work on.

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