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Stereo Glasses Mix


In the Stereo Glasses Mix pack, you get 50% standard sized Stereo Glasses, and 50% Stereo Glasses in XL.


Pack size 10: 5pcs standard sized Stereo Glasses + 5pcs Stereo Glasses in XL.

Pack size 20: 10pcs standard sized Stereo Glasses + 10pcs Stereo Glasses in XL.

To ensure the perfect fit and make it possible to adjust the glasses, EYEBAB has developed its own pair.

The glasses are available in different sizes, a standard size and Extra Large. Both models have a larger glass than traditional color glasses, which is especially beneficial when working on the peripheral vision.

The glasses can also be cut to size, there are cutting marks that make it easy and to ensure that you do not cut askew.

In addition, the glass frames have two colors, white on one side and black on the other. This is very handy when it comes to giving your patients instructions on what color (red or green) to cover which eye. Now you can just instruct your patient by explaining which color-side (black or white) should face the inside of the face.

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