VT apps for the neurooptometrist of tomorrow

EYEBAB VT is a digital vision training system, developed for neurooptometrists and their clients. The system is easily accessible, so you can start training clients at home with a few clicks and at the same time follow their development from the sideline.

Analog reality and digital opportunity

Every day we become more and more digital, and every day neurooptometrists meets clients that are digital in their everyday life. From that understanding, we have developed a digital Vision Training tool for neurooptometrists, so they in turn will have the opportunity to offer their clients vision training in a form that matches their everyday life. With the analog reality in mind, we have created digital measurable opportunities to streamline visual training. We've done so on the basis that motivation is key in determining what results you achieve by training.

Based on a strong academic foundation

Our VT apps are developed in a close cooperation with neurooptometrists and other professionals, who in their daily work can see digital solutions in an analog weekday. From there come ideas for new apps, often from neurooptometrists who are already using our VT apps. During development knowledge sharing continually takes place. There are recurrent tests of the apps' functionality, and we adjust development so that the finished product is tailored for a specific requirement in the workday of an neurooptometrist. When an app is developed, there typically is a testing phase where the neurooptometrist can test the apps suitabillity on clients. During this phase, feedback is taken from the clients and neurooptometrist themselves. This feedback is continually worked on, so the app - when released - is a strong digital tool.

Neurooptometrist FCOVD Steen Aalberg

Steen Aalbergs professionalism spreads wide, and is a guarantee that every app has the correct professional relevance, and adjustable functions to solve the different specific visual difficulties experienced by the client.

"Every day people get hurt, which affects their vision. It is crucial that they as quickly as possible gets a training course, where they experience positive results from their efforts, so that they keep their motivation, og as easily and quickly as possible gets back to their everyday life where they have a high life quality."

Neurooptometrist Thomas Kirkfeldt

Klinik for Syn og Udvikling is at the forefront of digital hometraining of clients. Thomas Kirkfelt has many years of experience with this type of exercises, and he has an exeptional expertise, that via EYEBAB benefits other clinics.

Thomas Kirkfeldt has used EYEBAB VT apps in his clinic over many years, and he has achieved a lot of positive results. He has helped co-develop many of the apps he uses, and feels confident that the digital tools are a neccessary supplement to the traditional analog tools.

"I have many clients that are digital, and i can feel that they're more motivated when i offer them a digital training tool. Through my many years of rehabilitation of vision, i've learnt that motivation is the first step to achieve positive results. EYEBAB apps have proven to be an effective tool in this."

Easy and intuitive to work with

Our VT apps are built so they're easy and intuitive to understand and work with. Not only for the neurooptomitrist, but for the client too. Training at home with our VT apps must be fun and motivational, and the client should feel that they're achieving positive results by using them - that's why they must be easy to work with. The interface is designed in a flat style, with functionallity as the top priority. Choices and settings are iconbased, and they're often designed together with neurooptometrists, so they make sense from a technical point of view. There are many opportunities to adjust the app difficulty, so it can be used over a longer period of time while the client is improving. There are many opportunites to adjust the various themes of an app, so it fits into the clients situation and needs.

Future-proof platform





The EYEBAB platform, which is the system behind the usage of the services and apps, is a future-proof digital platform. It is online based, so you can train and work with it on every device - desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. The platform is compatible with Windows, iOS, Android and Linux.

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