The history of EYEBAB

Our Story

The EYEBAB name was established in 2017, the name being an abbreviation for “Evolutionize Your Eyes, Body, And Brain”. The name points to the fact that our vision is a complex interrelation between the eyes, body and brain which together form a system that works together.

The idea was to develop the most comprehensive and engaging apps for vision training, rehabilitation, learning, and sports. Apps that would be easily accessible, future-proof, and that inspired people to use them because they were motivating.

Today, we are at the forefront with digital tools for vision training.

Our Passion

The core of everything we do is based on the science of optometry. We have implemented the existing knowledge of optometry, into a digitized universe, that offers more qualitative learning and a more motivating road towards dealing with visual performance issues.

As such, EYEBAB VT is a digital vision training platform, developed by internationally acknowledged specialists in the field of optometry. It is built on the foundation of a wide range of traditional optometric exercises, and its use is intended for professionals, facilitating home-training.

We seek to deliver the best and most comprehensive online vision training system, enabling professionals to train clients with motivating tools that yield visible results faster than the traditional training methods.

Our Expertise

Many people experience visual performance issues, without being able to identify what the exact cause for their problem is. Based on the comprehensive input of knowledge that we have gathered from our associate experts in the field of optometry, we have digitized the traditional training material and built a digital platform that supplements the existing.

This enables you to:

  • Take advantage of a digital toolbox as a supplement to your existing workflow
  • Get better results, as the quality of the exercises you can offer your client’s is higher
  • Increase the objective assessment, as some of the apps can point to certain visual performance issues.
  • Provide client’s with exercises they can do at home, which they could not before
  • Avoid work material getting lost or destroyed
  • Avoid the risk of repetitive learning
  • Track client training patterns in terms of frequency, duration, repetition and overall progress

Our Motivation

The world is becoming increasingly more digital, which is reflected through people’s lifestyle and choices. We match this on-the-go reality, by offering you a vision training platform that is not limited to a specific location.

We wish to enable you to offer vision training to people, in a way that reflects their everyday life. A training that is approachable, interactive, motivating, and hence more likely to be used frequently.

Learning through play is our philosophy when it comes to making exercises inspiring and rewarding. This way, your client’s will train out of pleasure, rather than out of duty.

Evolutionize Your Eyes, Body and Brain

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